Hi all! My name is Virginia a.k.a. Ginny a.k.a. Ginzo. I started this advice blog because, well, I love giving advice. Not because I think that I know better than anyone else or that I have the ancient and deep wisdom of Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas, but because advice-giving is really all about listening, and I am a good listener. As the youngest child in a noisy household, I grew up observing everyone around me. From this point of view, I could learn from everyone else’s life lessons and absorb them like a sponge. As a result, I had a pretty good insight into the human mind even as a child. This became a trick I’d pull out on the playground as I would play “Therapist” at recess, going back and forth between my fighting friends to explain the other’s point of view. As I got older, I went out and had some life lessons of my own, which is why now when my friends fight I tell them to talk it out among themselves, because let’s be real, you are projecting a bit here, Jessica.

I am not a professional therapist (yet — I am working on my master’s degree in counseling). But I love to be helpful and empathize and make people feel heard and cared for. If those aren’t the qualifications you’re looking for, that’s cool. Get thee to a therapist or pick up a well-reviewed self-help book with a title that speaks to you (actually strongly recommend everyone do those things, even if you also read this advice blog). But if you’re just looking for someone who will read your words and try to lighten your burden and give you the advice of a friend, I’m here for you. That’s why this blog is called Ask Ginzo; because that’s the nickname my best friend, Deliah, gave to me. I want you to think of me as the type of friend who you can go to for comfort, empathy, and sound advice, just like what Deliah and I come to each other for.

So go ahead, I’m listening. I didn’t say that in a Frasier Crane voice… unless you wanted me to. But seriously, I’m here to talk about whatever you want. Hit me up anonymously on my contact page, or email me at askginzo@gmail.com.